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Trusted Pest Control In Brigham City, UT

Set along the western slope of the Wellsville Mountains, residents of Brigham City have one of the most envious views in the area. Countless other opportunities for outdoor adventure are present, as are cultural activities that abound at the Brigham City Museum of Art and History. Brigham City has become an ideal place to live for the curious at heart. With seasonal conditions and an expanding population, pest problems are a common occurrence in Brigham City.

At Peak Pest Control, we put your safety first when it comes to getting rid of pests. All of our products are EPA-registered, making them safe for people, pets, and the environment, and with our signature attention to detail, we take the time to do the job right the first time. And each of our services comes with a pest-free guarantee that we stand by. For more information on our Box Elder County pest control offerings, contact us today. 

Residential Pest Control In Brigham City

Pests have no business loitering around your Brigham City home, though they’ll try. When pests come knocking, call Peak Pest Control. We always begin with a comprehensive property inspection to determine if pests are present and how issues might develop. From there, we implement our five-point barrier system that includes methods like spot treatments, granular applications, and cobweb removal. In addition to our general pest control, we offer targeted lawn care services as well as rodent control. 

No matter what services you enlist our assistance for, you can rest assured that you’re always receiving EPA-approved treatments and working with professional and friendly technicians. For more information on our Brigham City home pest control solutions, contact us today.

Commercial Pest Control In Brigham City

At Peak Pest Control, we have years of experience working with businesses of various backgrounds, so we know that every business is different. Our process begins by detailing the interior and exterior of your property in order to determine if there’s pest activity, the extent and type, while also searching for conducive conditions. From there, we customize a treatment plan and schedule that is built to address all of your needs and concerns. Each product that we use is EPA-approved and our technicians work with keen attention to detail so you don’t have to deal with pests one minute longer. Whether you run a warehouse, restaurant, or rental property, you will benefit from our stellar customer support. For more information on our commercial pest control plans for Brigham City, contact us today.

A Guide To Keeping Ants Out Of Your Brigham City Home

While most ants in Brigham City are not harmful to your health, they are an unwanted sight in your home all the same. In order to keep them from becoming an issue, try these tips:

  • Maintain cleanliness. Things like spills, food residue, and crumbs are sure ways to attract ants. Try to disinfect your home on a regular basis and pay special attention to these items, as they may be hard to spot. 
  • Fix leaks. Ants require water to thrive, so attending to any troublesome faucets, showerheads, and pipes is key. 
  • Be strict about food. Food in any form is an ideal meal for ants, so store pet food in secure containers, dispose of anything that’s expired, and always keep cooked meals covered properly. 
  • Patch openings. The key way that ants will enter your home is through little openings around your property. If there are gaps around your doors, apply weatherstripping, if your windows don’t have screens, install some, and fill all cracks in your foundation with caulk.
  • Contact the pros. Professional pest control from a local expert is the most reliable way to prevent ants throughout the year.

To learn more about ant prevention and control, contact Peak Pest Control today.

Brigham City's Step-By-Step Guide To Effective Spider Control

Spider issues tend to arise in Brigham City properties because they’re in search of the pests that they eat as well as moist conditions. In order to prevent them both, follow this step-by-step guide:

  1. Tend to all openings. One of the easiest ways for spiders and other pests to enter a property is through the crevices that they find. This requires installing door sweeps, replacing worn window screens, applying caulk to foundations, and ensuring that doors and bulkheads are in good condition. 
  2. Keep a tidy yard. It’s important to make sure that all firewood is stored at least 20 feet away from a property and that the yard is completely free of leaf piles, tree branches, and greenery trimmings. 
  3. Check for leaks and moisture issues. Spiders thrive off of water and so do cockroaches and ants. Routinely inspect gutters, pipes, faucets, and other fixtures for leaks, fixing them as needed. It’s also important to keep crawl spaces well-ventilated. 
  4. Be conscientious about food. Many of the pests that spiders eat are attracted to food, so always keep leftovers covered, take out the trash often, and clean up when crumbs and spills are produced. 
  5. Aim for cleanliness. Spiders thrive in cluttered environments, so remove all odd packages, boxes, stacks of papers, and magazines. 

For spider control in Brigham City that lasts, contact Peak Pest Control today. 

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