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Bountiful, UT Pest Control

Considered one of the best places to live in Utah, Bountiful provides residents with plenty of access to green spaces and beautiful outdoor areas. Living in such a “bountiful” place is a gift, but it’s not without issues. Pests are also drawn to the beauty of Bountiful and can be relentless in their efforts to infest local homes and businesses. 

If you’re looking for high-quality Davis County pest control, look no further than Peak Pest Control. Locally-owned and operated, we’ve been serving the pest control needs of Northern Utah since 2013. Here’s what residents need to know about our home and commercial pest control services, keeping rodents out of your home, and how to safely rid your yard of stinging insects. 

Residential Pest Control In Bountiful

Protecting your Bountiful home from pests is a big responsibility. Peak Pest Control can provide safe and effective home pest control to keep your home and family safe and healthy. 

Whether you want to take care of an active infestation or simply ensure you prevent pests from getting into your home, our expert technicians can provide a solution. We begin our service with a thorough inspection of your property to identify problem areas, entry points, and harborage spots. We follow this inspection with an initial service that provides you with a five-point barrier service covering over 50 common household pests. 

Our bi-monthly or quarterly follow-up services focus on the exterior of your home to prevent pests from getting inside, but we will include interior treatments as needed at no additional cost. For the best in safe and effective pest control, call the experts at Peak Pest Control. 

Commercial Pest Control In Bountiful

Pests are a year-round issue for businesses in Bountiful, and there’s no end to the problems they cause once they’ve made it inside your walls. From health risks to property damage and loss of reputation, it’s important to safeguard your property from common pests in Bountiful. 

At Peak Pest Control, we can customize our services to meet the unique needs of your business. We make your protection our top priority and provide free quotes, same-day or emergency services, and products with the highest EPA safety rating. For top-of-the-line commercial pest control services, contact the experts at Peak Pest Control.  

A Helpful Guide To Keeping Bountiful Rodents Out Of Your Home

Rodents in Bountiful are a triple threat. They spread disease, damage property, and are one of the more difficult types of pest to eliminate from your home. To avoid these risks, the best approach is to prevent rodents from ever entering your home. You can do this by limiting access to the things that attract rodents, including:

  • Food: Rodents are on the lookout for an easy source of nutrients. Make sure to store leftovers in airtight containers, install tight-fitting lids on both indoor and outdoor trash cans, keep floors and countertops clean, and avoid leaving out pet food or bird seed.
  • Water: As with any pest, rodents need moisture to survive. If your home has leaky pipes, drainage issues, or even poorly ventilated areas, it could be more enticing to rodents. Make sure to address moisture issues and repair any water-damaged areas in your home. 
  • Shelter: Even if there’s no easy access to food and water, a warm, comfortable place with limited predators is an attractive option for rodents. Limit their ability to make their home inside your own by sealing entry points, installing door sweeps and weather stripping, maintaining landscaping, and reducing clutter in and around your home. 

Limiting these three factors will reduce the odds that rodents will find their way into your home. However, if you are having issues with rodents in Bountiful, the professionals at Peak Pest Control have reliable and effective rodent control treatments. We can safely and efficiently take care of any existing rodent infestations and assist you in developing a plan to prevent future problems. Call today to learn more or set up your initial appointment. 

Say Goodbye To Those Pesky Bountiful Wasps With These Few Easy Steps

Wasps may serve an essential purpose in nature by pollinating and feeding on other pest species, but that doesn’t mean you want them hanging out in your yard. You can keep wasps and other stinging insects away by considering the same three factors – food, water, and shelter.

  • Food: Wasps love to take advantage of our leftovers, especially sweets and proteins. Make sure to clean up after eating outside and keep trash cans covered.
  • Water: Any standing water can be a major attraction for wasps. Make sure to address drainage issues and remove items that collect water. 
  • Shelter: Wasps are on the lookout for good places to nest. Maintaining landscaping will discourage them from settling in around your home.

If wasps have already made themselves at home, you’ll need further action. DIY wasp removal is both risky and ineffective. To address active wasp populations on your Bountiful property, the safest and most successful solution is to reach out to the professionals at Peak Pest Control. Call today to learn more about our stinging insect control services.

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