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What Is The Best Way To Combat Ground Beetles In Ogden?

July 03, 2022 - Ground Beetle

There are many different types of beetles that can invade your home in Ogden. However, one of the most common that you can encounter is the ground beetle. Ground beetles are very much a nuisance to find indoors and can draw other pests into your home. 

An Ogden pest control company can inspect your home and find out the root of the problem. You should keep reading if you want to know more about these insects and how to keep them away from your Ogden property.

What Do Ground Beetles Look Like?

Do you know what a ground beetle looks like? Unlike carpet beetles, ground beetles are fairly big growing up to an inch in size. They have three sets of legs and can crawl around quickly. The ground beetle is distinguishable by its flat body and rigid wings. While the ground beetle has wings it can not fly.

It’s also noteworthy that ground beetles can appear in many different colors. These colors can range from green, red, blue, and black. Ground beetles also have a very strong mandible, jaw, that they use for chewing. Ground beetles are not known to carry or transmit diseases, but they can bite you if they are handled. 

Can Ground Beetles Become Indoor Pests?

Ground beetles can be driven into your home for a few different reasons. The main reasons are shelter from the elements and food. However, ground beetles will stick to the edges of your home and are more active at night. Here are a few places you can find them around your yard:

  • Under rocks.
  • In soil and leaf debris.
  • Under your porch.
  • In decaying wood and logs.
  • Burrowed around your garden.

These are popular hot spots that ground beetles like to crowd towards when outside. However, these insects are very attracted to light as well. Due to their affinity for light, they will invade a lit home or business if they can. 

How To Spot Ground Beetle Eggs And Larvae

It can be highly difficult to spot ground beetle eggs and the various stages they hit before adulthood. Ground beetles lay their eggs in moist soil, but that doesn't mean you won’t come across them. Here are a few things you can do to prevent ground beetles before they get into your home:

  • Seal any gaps or cracks around your foundation.
  • Turn your porch lights off or get a motion sensor-only light.
  • Replace bright while bulbs with off-colored or dim yellow bulbs.
  • Clean up any debris from around your yard.
  • Eliminate any sinkholes or muddy areas around your property.

You can protect your home and help eradicate ground beetles by preventing them from multiplying. Using the right prevention tips can also help in deterring other pests as well. When you notice the number of these pests rising the best way you can get rid of ground beetles would then be to enlist outside help.

Total Pest Control Made Easy In Ogden

The best way you can get rid of ground beetles in your Ogden home is to call in a professional pest control team. We at Peak Pest Control can provide comprehensive treatment plans that can ensure that your home is clear of these pests. Our team will go above and beyond, working efficiently to get the job done right. 

At Peak Pest Control we understand how tiny pests can cause you a lot of stress, but we want to give you your peace of mind back. Go ahead and reach out to us at Peak Pest Control today to learn more about how we can help you today.

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