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The Trick To Keeping Spiders Out Of Your Ogden Home

November 20, 2022 - Spiders

For most people, finding a spider in their Ogden home is enough to make them think about moving. Spiders are considered one of the scariest pests in America, with arachnophobia consistently ranking in the top five fears of people in the United States. 

While spiders may play a feature role in scary Halloween decorations and horror movies, they may not be as bad as you think. At Peak Pest Control, we know spiders can be scary, but they aren’t a reason to sell your house or run away screaming. Read on to learn more about spiders, whether or not they are dangerous, and how professional pest control in Ogden can help keep your home spider free. 

Characteristics Of Common Spiders

Spiders are an incredibly common pest. As scary as it sounds, some research suggests that you aren’t ever more than 10 feet away from a spider. That makes sense if you know there are over 30,000 species of spider worldwide. 

Not all spiders look the same. They come in various colors and sizes, but all spiders have some common characteristics. These common spider characteristics include:

  • Eight jointed legs
  • A body with two segments
  • At least two pairs of spinnerets
  • No chewing mouthparts, wings, or antennae

Spiders belong to a larger group of arachnids, including scorpions, mites, ticks, and other pests. 

Some Spiders Are More Dangerous Than Others

If you believe Hollywood, all spiders are terrifying pests lurking around every corner with a venom that will melt your skin off the bones. The truth is that most species of spiders in Ogden are harmless and would prefer to hide in the cracks, crevices, and corners of your home, having no interaction with you or any other humans.

You need to be aware of two species of dangerous spiders in Ogden. Both the black widow and brown recluse spider can be hazardous to humans. The black widow is easily recognizable by its black color and red, hourglass shape on its abdomen. The brown recluse is primarily tan to light brown with a dark, violin-shaped marking on its back.

If you see either of these spiders in your home, leave them alone and call us immediately. If you are unsure about the spiders in your home, let one of our trained technicians identify the species and help you eliminate them. 

Six Easy And Effective Spider Prevention Tips

Whether they are dangerous or just a nuisance, you don’t want spiders hanging around your home. Here are six spider prevention tips for your Ogden home:

  1. Seal cracks in the exterior of your home
  2. Eliminate areas of excess moisture
  3. Repair or replace broken window screens
  4. Examine outdoor decorations before bringing them inside
  5. Eliminate clutter around your home
  6. Reduce the other tiny pests in your home that spiders prey on

Following these tips can help keep spiders away from your home and family.

Quality Pest Control Makes The Best Spider Control

While you can take steps on your own to eliminate spiders, the best option for spider control is to work with us at Peak Pest Control. Our trained technicians can develop a pest control plan to eliminate spiders around your home and prevent pest prey quickly (other common Ogden pests) which is food for spiders.

If you are dealing with a spider infestation in your home or want to ensure your home remains spider free, call us today. We can work with you to keep your Ogden home free of spiders and the pests that attract them, so you can enjoy life without worrying about a painful and potentially dangerous spider encounter. 

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