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The Best Way To Keep Weeds Out Of Your Ogden Lawn

August 10, 2022 - Lawn Care

When your neighbor has a lush green, weedless lawn and yours is overwhelmed with weeds, you may feel a sense of shame. You don't want to feel embarrassed by a yard full of weeds; instead, you desire to have a green, weedless lawn. Who doesn't want their lawn to be the envy of the neighborhood?

If the weeds have overtaken your yard, you need the best lawn care in Ogden, Peak Pest Control. We not only solve pest problems but destroy green pests, weeds!

Common Types Of Broadleaf Weeds That Plague Ogden Lawns

Broadleaf weeds typically have veiny leaves resembling a net; the leaves also have nodes containing one or more leaves. Broadleaf weeds come in various shapes and sizes, and some produce flowers. The following are common broadleaf weeds in Ogden yards:

  • Chickweed: This annual broadleaf weed can quickly overtake a yard with its delicate white flowers with heart-shaped petals.  
  • Clover: This broadleaf weed has a three-leaf cluster of little white flowers resembling pom-poms. Clover weeds are persistent, and unlike grass, they thrive in nitrogen-poor soil.
  • Dandelion: Dandelions are known for their colorful, yellow flowers and pointy leaves and grow in the spring, summer, and fall in all soil types. 
  • Dock: Identifiable by its big crinkled-edged leaves, this annual broadleaf weed thrives in almost all soil conditions due to its deep taproot. 
  • Morning glory: This vine-like weed with white flowers and pointed leaves thrives in direct sunlight and good soil.
  • Thistle: You cannot miss these tall, quick-spreading weeds with blue or purple flowers and pointy leaves. Some people like thistles because they attract butterflies and hummingbirds.
  • Violets: Unlike most broadleafs, violets are stunning with delicate purplish-blue flowers and heart-shaped leaves. However, violets can overtake other plants as they spread across the ground. 

There are more broadleafs than those on this brief list: yarrow, shepherd's purse, red sorrel, purslane, and more. Because broadleaf weeds are everywhere, come in all sizes and types, and thrive in all sorts of soil, you need to get rid of broadleaf weeds in the yard.

How Weeds Drain The Life Out Of Your Lawn

Weeds need the same things grass and plants need: water, light, and nutrients like nitrogen and potassium. Broadleaf weeds drain the soil of the nutrients and the moisture grass and plants need to thrive and survive. 

Another way broadleaf weeds deplete your yard is by taking up the space that plants and grass need to flourish. In some cases, weeds may attach themselves to the root of plants draining them of nutrients and ultimately killing the plant.

The Hassles With Do-It-Yourself Weed Control

The problem with do-it-yourself weed control is consistency. Many broadleaf weeds like red sorrel, oxalis, morning glory, and dock weed require multiple applications for elimination. Management of other weeds like purslane, spurge, thistle, and more, involves a pre-emergent application in addition to weed treatments. Furthermore, different broadleaf weeds thrive at various times of the year; you need to identify the type of weed to determine the timing of a pre-emergent treatment. As seen in the above list, there are many different types of broadleaf weeds, thus making identification difficult for those untrained in lawn service to kill weeds.

The Best Weed Control Solution For Your Lawn

The best way to stop broadleaf weeds from overtaking your lawn is to secure our trained pest control professionals at Peak Pest Control. We know broadleaf weeds, when to apply treatments, and what kind of treatments are necessary. Reach out to us today. We will eliminate the broadleaf weeds in your lawn so your grass and plants can grow and thrive. 

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