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Ogden’s Complete Guide To Carpenter Bees

July 31, 2022 - Carpenter Bees

When walking around your Ogden home, you might think that all bees you encounter are the same. However, carpenter bees are among the most unique of all the bees and wasps that can be found around your property. 

These bees can seem very intimidating, but the real danger is the damage they can cause around your Ogden home. If you want to rid carpenter bees from around your home safely, you’ll want to reach out to an Ogden pest control company. Keep reading to learn more about these particular bees and how they differ from other common bees.

Carpenter Bees Vs. Bumble Bees

One of the most significant differences between carpenter bees and bumblebees is social. Carpenter bees are not like typical social insects in that they do not build traditional colonies or live in a collective hive. They travel around, far from where they originated, and do so spread out from each other.

Bumblebees, like many different types of wasps, are highly social. These bees stick together to build their colony and ensure that it thrives. An important aspect to note is that bumblebees will sting if you approach their hive. Male carpenter bees do not possess a stinger, and female carpenter bees hardly ever sting.

Carpenter Bees Bee-ing Important Pollinators

Carpenter bees are important pollinators; however, many people treat them as pests due to their tendency to drill holes into wooden structures. While they might cause damage by way of nesting, you should still remember that these bees are more docile than most other bees. Carpenter bees are not territorial like honey bees or wasps are, and only the females have stingers. 

Furthermore, female carpenter bees only sting if they are being threatened, such as someone holding or swatting at them. These bees can be among the least harmful pollinators around your yard. When it comes to the wood around your home, that’s a different story. Carpenter bees can board holes in the wood around your property, from your fence to your wall.

Do Carpenter Bees Do More Good Than Harm?

Carpenter bees do good things for the environment, but that doesn’t mean they can’t do bad things. Here are three things to think about when dealing with these insects:

  1. Male carpenter bees will buzz around in your face as a way to threaten you. But they do not have a stinger, so they can not harm you.
  2. Carpenter bees can stain your patio with their yellow-brown feces. It will start to set in and stain, making it difficult to remove without a lot of force.
  3. Female carpenter bees will dig deep into your wood to build a nest. This can leave multiple dime-sized holes in any wooden structures around your home.

Whether these pests are good depends on what you as a homeowner are okay with. Carpenter bees can tear apart wood around your property, but they can also benefit the environment. However, if you choose to leave the carpenter bees alone around your home, this will not combat other types of wasps or bees from moving into your property as well.

Gentle Carpenter Bee Removal For Ogden Residents

If you’re looking for the best way to get rid of wasps in Ogden, we at Peak Pest Control are the team for you. Dealing with bees can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be that way with an experienced team behind you. At Peak Pest Control, we are the fully licensed pest control professionals you need for the job.

When it comes to bee and wasp prevention around your home, it’s always better to have a team that can use the right tools to ensure no one gets hurt. Not only will you find knowledgeable techs at Peak Pest Control, but you can also take advantage of our many treatment options. Give us a call to learn more and get an estimate today!

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