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Keeping Your Family And Pets Safe From Rodent Invasions In Ogden

June 16, 2022 - Rodents

Disney movies are rife with adorable mice, running around, singing, dancing, and helping humans. Real mice: not so much. If you see droppings, evidence of nesting, grease marks/tracks that look like a trail, you may have a rodent issue. They can spread illness and aggravate allergies and asthma. Rodents are the spidermen of pests- they will find gravity-defying ways to enter your home, even climbing up walls. Never fear; our team at Ogden's Peak Pest Control has you covered. Let us help you protect your property from these sometimes cute but always unhealthy blighters.

What Are The Types Of Property-Invading Rodents In Ogden?

Northern Utah is home to a variety of gnawing mammals with strong incisors; Deer mice, meadow voles, and Norway rats are some common pests that populate this area. 

  • Deer, House, or Field Mouse: These rodents are small, carniverous, and brownish-gray.
  • Meadow voles: These rodents look like puffy, gray furballs. They have the longest tails of common area rodents and are herbivores. 
  • Norway Rats: These omnivorous rodents are brown with some black. They have a sturdy appearance with long bodies. Their tail and ears are hairless.

Wait, how to know if you have rodents in your home? There are several signs to watch out for: urine odor, gnawed holes, rub and gnaw marks, nests, and noises in the walls. As soon as you suspect there might be mice in your home, call us at Peak Pest Control. We want to help you maintain a healthy, safe home for your family.

Making Sure Pet Food Doesn't Become Pest Food 

Rodents can gnaw through a hole the size of a dime; leaving pet food is an invitation you do not want to extend. Store pet food and snacks in airtight containers- metal is best as even a tiny rodent can eat through the plastic! Yikes! Provide wet food on a scheduled basis and clean up afterward. The goal here is to reduce the enticing aroma for these little beings. For human food, keep surface counters clear of crumbs and debris as this attracts not only mice but other pests as well. 

How To Use Pest Control Products Safely Around Kids & Pets

Keeping your home rodent-free is important for every member of the family, especially babies and toddlers. These folks are lower to the ground and can be adversely impacted by harmful chemicals. Also, their little immune systems are not yet fully developed to protect them from alien substances. The first rule of thumb, try to keep the home clean with little or no snacks and bits of food around. Our team at Peak Pest Control knows that this is not always possible with busy lives. Glues and pellets all pose threats to young children and household pets. Be careful when attempting this route for rodent control. Instead, call us to come and inspect your home thoroughly and give you a treatment plan that details all the options available to you. 

How To Safely Get Rid Of Rodents In Ogden And Keep Them Away

Our technicians will also show you subtle changes you can make to keep unwanted rodents away, such as removing possible sources of shelter for these creatures in addition to the methods suggested in the treatment plan. These are strategies and solutions they employ in their homes as well. Having regular pest control service can give you the confidence that your little ones and your pawed ones are safe and secure to thrive and grow. At Peak Pest Control, we offer a pest-free guarantee, so what do you have to lose? 

For more information about our rodent control services or year-round pest control options, reach out to the experts at Peak Pest Control today. 

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